zaterdag 20 januari 2018

Defending the Watchtower, a Dux Britanniarum campaign game

In the second part of my three battles for survival in this month, I faced Richard who raided my lands.

Out to set fire to my Watchtower, I had to play the one thing I love to do... defending behind my pallisades.

My army was still recovering from it's losses in the first turn of the campaign, and as we are only in the second one still, I`m still lacking half my force as all my Levies are out for the count.  Now, this was actually a benefit today, as instead of three groups of levies, it would become warriors that held the walls.

My lord with his elites, my archers and my warrior cavalry would arrive at turn 2, and I had a plan in mind for them: lure and drop like a vulture.
The cavalry would ride up and engage Richard's two units of missile troops if able, as those are guaranteed dispersals.  In the meantime, my Lord and his infantry would be moving left and right, hopefully luring the mass cavalry of my opponent around until a moment to strike was opportune.
My walls would be held by infantry pushing away any climbers, preferring not to engage until some small units became seperated.  He had to hit me on 6s, I hit him on 4s... so those are great odds to play the break the morale game and grab the win that way.

As his army rode up, his cavalry did as expected and rode towards the point my reinforcements would arrive.  The rest slowly but surely advanced to the walls, but kept a spread formation to cope with any fresh troops from my side.  At this point, I got the disengage card, the only thing that would get his troops out of combat at the walls if needed.  I kept on to it during the whole game, letting him spend action points and cycle through his hand in the hope he drew it...

During turn two, my reinforcements arrived, and the cavalry dashed along the side of the table towards his archers.  My lord hovered around the woods in the hopes of getting the big infantry block coming that way... while my archers sacrificed themselves bravely to try and fail to cause shock on his cavalry...

His levies in the meantime came knocking at the door of the fort, but as the cavalry started taking down both his archer units in two succesive turns, he formed both the flanks into shieldwalls to receive the charge... that would never come.

See, I gambled here.  At first his warriors turned to face the cavalry.  Then they turned 180 around in order that my lord would come their way... and while my horsemen kept riding from left to right, both his shieldwalls kept watching their backs and didn`t dare to start scaling the walls...

Which was the moment I struck all around the board.  My lord charged his cavalry block, and he disengaged.  My troops on the ramparts struck out at the levies on both sides of the wall, and locked them in combat, and under thread of the cavalry scouring the hinterland of his line.

The battle between the elites was very bloody, and resulted in both our units running off, while his cavalry was now down to two horsemen.  His lord feld the elites to rejoin them, while mine left the elites and lurked in the woods again.  But more importantly, this kept nibbling at his morale. 

When after several turns of combat his levies all broke off, he was coming in the dangerzone.  My warriors engaged his shieldwall that was beginning to climb my walls, and my lord charged his.  After four round of combat (both went each after the other), my lord was on his last wound, but had his champion, while his had lost one wound and his champion had ran out of combat being an athlete.

When the warriors broke away from my wall, the final turn came and I knew I couldn`t lose anymore.  I was on 4 morale, he on 1.  So i charged my horses into the two warrior units, or what remained of them, hoping to break one.  Even though they paid the highest price and dropping morale to 1, they wiped out his unit, broke the other, and he lost the final point netting me victory.

A rather calculated risk, as it depended on what card came first.  I could loose max 3 morale in one fight, so had the lords activated first and should I have lost him, I never would have charged with the horses, but had him come to my wall again and break him that way for the final point.

But the second survival was a big success, with a +5.  This meant I had no losses at all, gained some gold, prestige went up, and my warriors on foot regiment got boosted by two additional warriors.  Richard's army faired badly, as it was mauled taking 29 losses.  His mercenaries left him, his levies are out of the campaign for three months...

He might think twice before invading my lands again!

vrijdag 19 januari 2018

On the Painting Desk 30

As month one of the AHPC closes (I`ll do a post on that tomorrow), progress has been good.

Well, really good actually, and I might hit my mark without issues...

All the Emperor's Children models AND the Earthshaker got finished the past week, so it's time to move on to another force, the Alpine Gnomes, as this weeks master target.

Once all those are done, the biggest lot I want to enter into the challenge will be started, in the form of two regiments for my Union and some odd drips and drabs to go alongside them, but that will hopefully be in next weeks episode... as I first need an evening to glue it all together x-D

See you all again next week for more painting updating!

Historische Oorlogen 08: Amerikaanse oorlogen

So yesterday evening I sat down and watched this DVD I picked up last week for a measly euro.

Part of some collection of all sorts of historical characters and battles (I watched the Napoleon one as well a while ago), it contains 6 documentaries of around 45 minutes each from History Channel.

You know, that channel that when animals could still talk actually aired documentaries instead of Storage wars, Luggage wars and more of those set-up find and sell treasure humbug all day long...

The first DVD contains two documentaries on the AWI, being one of the winter camp of Valley Forge and how George Washington made an army from his mob.  The second one detail the "father of America" himself, from his humble beginnings to his presidential instatement.

The second DVD is one about 4 battles in the ACW, from the Civil War Battle series of History.  Containing Shiloh, Antietam (with a great focus on Meagher of the Irish Brigade), the Wheatfield on day 2 of Gettysburg and finaly Cold Harbor.

While the AWI documentaries are a bit "bland" if you are looking on actual battle information, the ACW Wheatfield one was for me the gem of the set.  Most tend to focus on the first moments of the battle, aka Bufford's heroic stand-off, or the very last, actually rather anti-climatic day with Pickett's doomed charge.

Not a bad buy at all for that money!

donderdag 18 januari 2018

Kong: Skull Island

Aaah, movie evening with a big monkey on the menu...

A reboot of the King Kong franchise, and second film of the Legendary pictures "monsters" franchise they are setting up, this star-filled film is not of the climb the Empire State Building variety.

In 1973, the US government sends out an expedition to a mist and storm enclosed mysterious island, and together with a unit of military they start doing seismic detonations to map the area.  This brings them the fury of Kong, a gigantic ape, and the survivors, including the science team and a journalist, are scattered along the island.
One group links up with Hank Marlow, a ww2 pilot crashed on the island since 1944.  He tells them about evil creatures living on the island, and how Kong is the only thing protecting the island from them.  However, Packard, the commander of the US forces is out for revenge against the big beast for slaying his men.

Now, if I say big beast, that is literally reflective for the whole island.  Giant spiders, a fantastic walking stick... everything on the island is hundreds of times larger then what we know.  It is greatly made in special effects, and the film hosts a star ensemble including Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston amongst others in his cast.
But was it a good movie?  Well, yes actually.  It is entertaining, and while the whole finale at times feels like it could have done with an additional 15 minutes for what is basically a tick off of reducing survivors.
Never the less, it was a nice one to watch on a rainy evening.

And now let`s wait for that Godzilla vs King Kong with Jaegers flick ;-)

From London to Shangai

Well, a bit of a mixed lot for this weeks entry, as I did some work on a project I had put aside for this challenge... as well as one that probably will be in boxes stored until challenge 9 should I manage to seduce me a spot then.

So let's travel the world!

The first batch of the entry are more 10mm ECW from the Lancer Miniatures range, this time in the form of a complete infantry regiment.  Mixed pike & shotte, the regiment is supported by a demi-culverin for some extra deterrent towards any opposing forces.

I really like Kieran`s sculpts, and think this was one of those "gems" sometimes hidden on Kickstarter.  With more and more big companies using Kickstarter as their pre-order platform, there are those small operation on it as well which at times churn out lovely figures for a good price, or even some oddities that you just want to have.

The pikes themselves are metal rods, and I can say first hand they hurt like hell when you accidentally put your hand on them...

The second part of my entry is this 28mm Chariot from the Shang-Zhao range of Curteys Miniatures, now under 1st Corps banner.  I think I bought this almost 12 years ago or so, and I don`t actually know why anymore, probably some fantasy project or such.

But as we get older, our intrests start shifting, and I bit the bullet that I will be building a Shang dynasty force for Mortem et Gloriam (well, if their chinese army lists re-appear on the site, then I know what to order because while they are in the index, the actual lists aren`t in the pdf's) and try and introduce those rules over at my club.

I really like the facial expression on the charioteer to be honest, he has that whole "umpf, you posh dandy" look next to the noble...

So points-wise, if I counted correctly, this should mean for this week:

31 infantry models in 10mm (12 pike, 16 shot, 3 crew) @ 1 point each
1 crew handled cannon in 10mm @ 2 points
and 1 vehicle in scale 28mm with 2 crew @ 25 points

This should further add a nice 58 points towards my challenge goal... and keep me on schedule.

Talking about the schedule, I might better start tossing down some "points bombs" of around 100 points minimum for one or two weeks, that way the target gets well in reach and more or less secured in case I should miss a week of entrying.  At my current speed, I`m more or less safe with my 25 - 50 points averaging on a weekly basis, but I don`t have any margin for error...

Thanks for watching!

woensdag 17 januari 2018

Noshi's Pick: Black Mirror season 1

A short while ago, my girlfriend Noshi came up to me and said "hey, there is this series on Netflix, Black Mirror, I want to watch that" and so yesterday night we snuggled down for the three episode long first season.

And what a rollercoaster that was...

Black Mirror is an anthology of short stories, set in an alternate present or very nearby future.  In these episodes, current day issues of society are expanded to a scope of on the one hand an absurd level, but at the other leaves you with a feeling of "this might actually happen".  I had that for example very, very hard with the first episode, in which through the power of social media the PM is forced to copulate with a pig in order to save a life.

But the other two episodes, one in which a society is dominated by an Idol like show which even results in participants ending in the porn industry, or the other about being able to replay every moment of ones life on screen, are not that far off in concept to modern day society.

It was a great series to look at, and we will definitly be tackling the second season in the not so far future!  Be warned, it is confrontational to us all, as it holds us a mirror.  Albeit a very black one...

Good pick my love!

maandag 15 januari 2018

An update on the Wayland rant

Well, that went fast...

Yesterday, I uploaded the video in which I kind of went into a rant on the lack of customer service by one of their employees, and just now, they dropped me a letter.

Another customer service employee, a lady named Andrea, send me a DECENT reply this time round, with all the things you would expect.  She has been checking my order, and saw that one part of it hasn`t arrived to them yet (Rokitas bikes to be exact), holding back all of the order.

In order to resolve this, she will be sending my order without them, then have the bikes come afterwards when they get them, free of postage charge ofc.

See, that`s the kind of simple solutions I like.  I don`t need heaps of freebies and apologies and stuff, but I would have been far lass pissed had the first one not taking me for a braindead manatee with silly excuses.

Power of social media?  Perhaps.  But for me, this simple e-mail went a long way to giving them another chance perhaps in the future.